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The Journal of Human Security and Resilience (JHS&R) is an online peer-reviewed journal published semi-annually by the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The purpose of the JHS&R is to provide a forum for discussing fundamental issues of importance relevant to human security and resilience around the world. Read more about the JHS&R vision and mission here.

National and international manuscripts will be considered from the following categories:

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Editor-in-Chief Welcome

Welcome to the Journal of Human Security & Resilience!

These are exciting times for the security academics and practitioners. The broad discipline continues to mature and diversify, with core functions expanding into wide-ranging fields such as public health, environmental security and climate change dynamics, immigration, Arctic security and mental health among others. By opening the aperture on what constitutes “security,” our community indeed may get closer to understanding the foundational elements of what makes people feel and be more secure. A primary objective of the JHS&R is to encourage this understanding, and to translate knowledge into practice — real practice in communities, in and among nations, and within our evolving global system.

I am very pleased to present the JHS&R and both humbled and honored to serve as the first Editor-in-Chief. Clearly, creating the Journal has been a team effort. I would like to thank the commitment of our extraordinarily capable and experienced Advisory Board members and especially to Managing Editor, Mr. Steve Recca. They are a truly dedicated group, which has supported the development of the JHS&R from the very beginning. I also want to thank our Editorial Board, which soon will be very busy in the review and selection process of peer-reviewed articles to be published on this site. Finally, I offer special thanks and appreciation to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) School of Public Affairs and the UCCS Center for Human Security for providing the conceptual framework for the JHS&R and the initial funding.

Please look through this introductory issue of the Journal, and the perspectives on human security offered by our Advisory and Editorial Boards. Note also the “Call for Papers” for the first full issue. We welcome diverse and content-rich submissions relevant to this emerging discipline.

I look forward to working with you — as readers and contributors — to enable the JHS&R as a venue for idea generation and informed discussion on the most pressing human security topics of today and tomorrow.

Again, welcome to the JHS&R!

Edin Mujkic

Peer Review Policy

All papers submitted to JHS&R undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process. Research that involves human subjects must include documentation of institutional research board permission on the part of a college/university or organization.

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“National security” commonly refers to the ability of the state to protect the fundamental values and core interests of a society. For three and a half centuries since the genesis of the Westphalian state system, security has been focused on the national or societal level—how doesone secure the state and the society within it?


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